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Download the eBook

Mythbusting Millennials

Separating fact from fiction for managing Gen Y sales reps.

This eBook explores how different Generation Y (Millennial) workers are from the remainder of the current workforce.

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We took a "Mythbusters" approach to test 7 preconceptions:
  1. Gen Y wants more from their work lives than just a paycheck. They aren't motivated, chiefly, by compensation.
  2. They aren’t willing to put in the hours. They work to live, not live to work.
  3. They crave attention in the form of constant feedback and guidance.
  4. They’re digital natives. They look at technology differently.
  5. They’re job jumpers and lack organization loyalty.
  6. They hit quota three months in a row and ask, “What’s next?”
  7. They can’t handle rejection.
After reading this eBook, you'll know how to better manage and motivate Gen Y employees to be the best sales reps.