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B2B Appointment Setting Checklist

b2b appointment setting checklist Have you confirmed the prospect’s responsibilities? Check!  Did you relate your value proposition to the prospect’s interests? Check!  And I know you’ve asked probing questions to qualify the lead. Check!

Now that you have created value and made the conversation relevant to the prospect, the executive is likely to accept an appointment with you. The hard part is done but to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases, follow these small but important details to increase your chances of the appointment will stick..

  1. Ask the prospect if it is okay that you send over a calendar invite as a placeholder. Most people will respect the fact that you asked permission to put an item on their calendar.
  2. When sending over the invite, confirm that you have the correct email address. As a best practice, do your best to guess what the email address is before even picking up the phone. In case you forget to confirm the email, at least you will have something.
  3. Unless you were transferred from the switch-board, you should already have the direct line. Still, make sure to confirm that the number you called is the best number to use during the meeting. Sometimes, the prospect will also provide their cell number.
  4. Finally, the day before the appointment send a short email confirming that the prospect will be able to take the appointment.

There are two more extra tricks that can help your appointment stick. If you have the name or number for the prospect’s administrative assistant, you can call to confirm that your prospect remembered to put the appointment on the calendar. This seems redundant but can be very useful if the prospect forgot to make a note for the appointment. When you schedule an in person appointment, be sure to ask if there are any specific directions such as parking, where to check in, or a steps to gain a security pass.

Utilize this easy to use checklist to ensure that your next appointment stick! 



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