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Vorsight's 10th Anniversary

biz journal

You and I both know that a corporate blog is no place for anything self-aggrandizing or promotional.  Please forgive me for taking liberty with this post. 

3 Ways to Optimize Selling Through Social Media

blog socialHP

The following blog post was written by our friends at Social Horse Power Media Inc.

Building a sales development function? Ask yourself these questions FIRST!

sales management

So you're a hiring manager and you're considering building your own in-house sales development team. The good news is, many of your peers have already learned the hard way what measures are crucial to success. The most successful hiring managers have learned to ask questions to reduce the unknown:

Don’t change the subject: How your email subject lines could be sabotaging your sales goals

subject line

How long do you spend writing the perfect sales email subject line? 10 seconds? 10 minutes? 10 hours? According to ContactMonkey, a sales email tracking tool, you are wasting your time.  

Outbound Prospecting Voicemail Test


The rule of thumb for everything in sales is KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. Meaning - short, sweet and to the point. Your voicemail's should not be any different. Our team of four MSA's (marketing sales associates) at National Journal has been tracking two types of voicemail's: 

Outbound Prospecting Ideas for Startups [VIDEO]


Steve Richard, Founder of VorsightBP, joined a group of startup leaders for SalesLab’s first installment of SalesLab Chat.  SalesLab Chat is a new series hosted on Google Hangouts where a small group of eight sales leaders can discuss new trends in the sales world with the featured guest.  Last week, Steve talked about early stage prospecting and how to implement the process at a startup.

Outbound prospecting silver bullet...puppy videos (I'm not joking)


We all love our furry little friends, but did you know they can help generate more meetings and connections? In general, man’s best friend knows how to break down barriers, and as Tom Hopkins highlights, sales is all about how quickly you can do that. The best way we’ve found to do that is by giving our prospects highly personalized and REAL information. People want to know they’re talking to other humans, and a few extra minutes spent personalizing a message can go a long way. 

Is text messaging acceptable for sales prospecting?


Today's blog post comes from Doug Willner, Director of Training and Development at Meso Scale Discovery.

How can you prevent cold calling objections?

cold calling objections

The answer to that question is simple: Don’t be a sales person during a cold call. The only goal for a cold call is to get a meeting. So instead of selling, at this point your main objective is proving the value of continuing the conversation.

Great Sales Prospecting Emails

sales email

A few weeks ago a former member of our team sent me this incredible article by Adam Grant on the psychology of email response called “6 Ways to Get Me to Email You Back.”  The Wharton professor and author of “GIVE AND TAKE,” tells you exactly what you should do if you want to receive a reply from any busy professional or decision maker.  Here are some of my favorite excerpts from his piece:

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